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SERBATOIO >> AST EN 50—5K Eex Lt. 5.000

Above ground double wall tank for fuel storage, suitable for the storage of flammable liquid, manufactured in accordance with EN 12285-2. Dished ends, inner and outer skin in metal sheets according to EN 10025.
The ASTs EN is complete with:

  • 3% slope (inclination) with sump for water collection and stainless steel draining line with double action hand pump with normal nozzle;
  • Internal epoxy paint treatment suitable for Aviation Fuels;
  • Support saddles with compensation plates and Nr. 2 lifting lugs for tank empty lifting;
  • Grounding connection plates in stainless steel;
  • In built galvanized lateral ladder for easy access to the manhole;
  • LAS 72 detector device, glycol type, monitoring the tanks’ interstitial space according to EN 13160;

Flanged Manhole Ø 745/32b mm fitted with the following devices:

  • 3” tank loading port fitted with brass quick coupling, mod. VK Elaflex; Overfill shut—off prevention valve acting at 95% tank capacity, according to EN 13616;
  • 1” ½ (2”) vent pipe fitted with flame-arrestor terminal; - Aluminium dipstick with holder and dust cap;
  • 1” Flanged suction line with ball valve and check valve.

Metal cabinet installed on dished end with lockable door. Dim. 780 x 600 x 320 mm ca including:

  • Explosion proof UL/ AC motor, 220V, 50 lpm flow rate,, incorporated by pass, suitable for Jet Fuels;
  • flow meter for private use, with partial reset setting number (3 numbers) and progressive setting meter, with Liters scale, 2% accuracy;
  • 4 mt. flexible hose with pressure fittings EN 1361, by Elaflex;
  • Aluminum automatic nozzle;


  • Velcon VF 31 filter housing + cartridge for aviation fuels
  • Hannay Reels manual rewind grounding bonding reel with clamp, 15 M length